Technical Assistance for Institutional and Organizational support

TA for Institutional and Organizational support

Key Service: Tourism
Location: Malawi
Product: Technical Assistance
Office: Rwanda

Program Client African Development Bank
Year: June 2020 – October 2021

Project Overview:

Clearly identify weaknesses, gaps, challenges and needs in both the corporate governance and financial management systems in MTC.  Make recommendations on how to address these to enhance efficiency and effectiveness and, propose an Implementation Plan which includes a Resource Plan which is costed to come up with an Implementation Budget. After presentation and approval, the costed Implementation Plan would guide the next phase of the assignment

Scope of Work:

  • Strengthen MTC Corporate Governance and Financial Management
  • Review the existing internal system and processes and oversee implementation of recommended internal financial systems.
  • Transfer know how and build capacity of financial and Administrative staff through on-the job
  • Facilitate and oversee a technical dialogue and collaboration amongst all Public Private Partnerships and stakeholders with a view to enhance PPP in the tourism sector.
  • Provide assistance to tourism sub-sector associations through trainings.
  • Monitor a PP dialogue platform to strengthen the tourism cluster
  • Support MTC marketing and product development through the design of a website, membership database development, and the provision of relevant services to its members to generate resources and attract more members.
  • Enhance MTC visibility in the tourism sector and to various stakeholders through various awareness Television and Radio programs, collaterals, and activities.

Project Location