Maldvies Health and Wellness Project

Luxury Wellness Retreat

Key Service: Health & Wellness
Location: Maldives
Product: Market Research and Feasibility, Concept Development

Overview: The owner is from a manufacturing and prefabricated construction background, and wishes to develop a hospitality business line focused on health and wellness, starting with a development in the Maldives on a 20-hectare private island. The owner engaged Horwath HTL Health & Wellness to conduct thorough market research and competitive benchmarking to evaluate the feasibility of developing a dedicated wellness retreat with a distinctive concept strategy, that would become the first fully programming wellness resort in the Maldives.

Solution: Given the seclusion and peacefulness of the island site, Horwath HTL Health & Wellness recommended developing a luxury wellness retreat focused on enhancing mindfulness by offering a holistic, alternative and result-driven approach to wellness rooted in principles of inner balance and harmony with oneself and the environment.

The proposed concept strategy consisted of a range of on-land and over-water accommodation units to target different types of guests, a selection of healthy food and beverage outlets supplied by the on-site organic garden, a wellness center offering mind, energy and sound therapies along with oriental healing, spa treatments and heat and water experiences, fitness, mind & body facilities, as well as a range of educational, cultural and conservation activities. The aim of this development strategy was to achieve a unique point of differentiation and attraction with a concept that is distinct from the local competition and entirely true to the location.

Status: The project is currently in the planning stage of the development, and is anticipated to be open and operational by 2023.

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