Mogotel Brand Rollout Strategy

Mogotel Brand Rollout Strategy

Key Service: Strategic Advice
Location: Eastern Europe
Product: Brand Rollout Strategy
Office: Hungary


Horwath HTL Hungary has undertaken an in-depth analysis of the competitive international brand landscape for the Rixwell brand in order to determine its respective set of competitors in the local and international hotel environment. On the basis of the findings Horwath HTL Hungay has determined the brand concept and positioning, and produced an updated Brand Book. The brand standards development guideline served as the foundation and principles of developing Mogotel’s Rixwell brand for international expansion in correspondence with international standards.
As per the respective Brand Rollout Strategy, in order to help Client to become a professional and recognised international hotel management company Horwath HTL Hungary has reviewed existing operations, structures and practices, including the strengths and potential of the existing hotel group. In order for Mogotel to enter the Central and Eastern European hotel markets it was imperative to have a thorough understanding of the competitive landscape and identify the main characteristics of the key players. Based on Mogotel’s operating structure and the recommended developments, in addition to geographical locations and recent evolutions in various hotel markets of the CEE (excluding Austria) and the Caucasus region, Horwath HTL Hungary has identified the key countries and cities (i.e. primarily relevant markets) to maximize exposure and focus on growth internationally. The expansion strategy detailed the identified ranking of new markets, key reasons for and major risks against market entry, in addition to brief presentation of suggested hotel products which would fit to the respective markets based on market requirements and to maximize profitability from the expansion potential.

Scope of Work

Latvia based Mogotel Hotels were considering the expansion of its hotel portfolio in the CEE region. To this end, Mogotel has commissioned Horwath HTL Hungary to undertake the following service:

  1. Mogotel Brand Concept and Positioning, Brand Refresh and Brand Book Update for Mogotel’s own Rixwell Brand
  2. Market Assessment and Mogotel Hotels’ Brand Rollout Strategy in Key Markets including Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic.
  3. Preparation of Development Standards for Mogotel LLC Rixwell

Status: Brand Strategy was prepared in 2018-2019 and Mogotel Hotels has successfully started expansion in CEE with signed hotels in Austria, Germany, Hungary and Ukraine

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