Bansko Wellness Hotel

Bansko Wellness Hotel

Location: Bansko, Bulgaria
Product: Due Diligence
Office: Hungary


The requested due diligence and operations review included the following key outputs:

  • Diagnostics (putting the hotel into local and regional market perspective, analysing historic performance)
  • Competitive Position Assessment (detailed review of relevant competitors and comparison of key performance indicators)
  • Comments and Recommendations on Hotel Operations (including CAPEX recommendations, long and short-term strategic objectives operationally and conceptually as well)

As a result of the highlighted areas to be improved, the Client was able to fundamentally improve cost management, appoint the right talents for key positions and set achievable goals to increase revenues.

Scope of Work:

Client has requested Horwath HTL Hungary for the operations review of one of its 4-star hotels located in the ski resort of Bansko. The client required an analysis of the Hotel’s performance, including achieved ADR and Occupancy, operational costs and staff expenditure, benchmarked against the direct competition and the local market, along with recommendations on how to improve its overall performance.

Status: Project Completed in 2020

Project Location