Heritage Corridor 1

Development of Heritage Corridor Tourism Sub-Master Plan

Key Service: Tourism and Leisure
Location: Rwanda
Product: Tourism
Office: Rwanda

Scope of Work:

Guide the sustainable development, promotion and investment in the corridor in order to increase the average length of stay of international tourists in Rwanda, contributing to increase tourism revenues and job creation.

Description of Project:

Horwath HTL provided feasibility study and an integrated and sustainable Sub-Master Plan.
Assessment of the existing situation along the corridor, including assets (natural and cultural), infrastructures, tourism facilities and opportunities for sustainable development, identification of business and investment opportunities within the corridor.
Development of a physical master plan for key zoned areas in the corridor for easy implementation and coordination of tourism development.

Horwath HTL Solution & Implementation Plan:

Tourism inventory
Field mission: individual interviews, stakeholder interviews, intermediary meetings with procuring entity.
Document check-list
Development of working plans and promotional items
Preparation of: reports, marketing materials and validation meetings

Project Status:

Project Completed November 2014

Project Location