Contract Amendment and Management Support for UCL

Contract Amendment and Management Support for UCL

Key Service: Hotel Valuation
Location: Rwanda
Product: Contract Amendment
Office: Rwanda

Client: Ultimate Concepts Ltd

Year: Dec 2018-ongoing

Project Overview:

  • Conclude the negotiation for the contract amendment
  • Establish a controlling mechanism with regular reports and regular (monthly) meetings with the
    hotel management
  • Support the management of UCL in preparation of and during these meetings

Scope of Work:

  • Understand the basis of calculation of all fees payable by you to Radisson Blu in order that we may check that these are being properly calculated and charged going forward;
  • Understand the rights and responsibilities of operators of the properties, notably in relation to; Payment of management and other fees; The provision of management information;
  • Any obligation, or best effort requirement to maximise revenue and/or profit and Central, regional and local Sales & Marketing activities, etc.

Project Location