Maori Museum

Māori Battalion Museum Business Case

Key Service: Tourism & Leisure
Location: Waitangi, New Zealand
Product: Business Case for the Māori Battalion Museum

Project Overview: Horwath HTL was engaged by the Waitangi National Trust to prepare a Business Case for the Māori Battalion Museum development on the Waitangi Treaty Grounds at a standard that meets national government requirements.

Scope of Work: The Business Case includes the following content:

  • Strategic Case (investment objectives, key strategic risks, high level objectives alignment)
  • Economic Evaluation (cost benefit analysis, including any benefits for regions other than the applicant)
  • Project Plan (procurement process, key project requirements to be used in the procurement, project timeline, key project risks)
  • Operational Budget (including capital expenditure and operating expenditure, any secured co-funding, capital and operational funding required, and any funding shortfall)
  • Management Plan (project management process, governance and management of the project, and ownership / management of the Museum / Trust Board)

Project Outcome: Within two years after submission of the business case, Te Rau Aroha, a new museum honouring Māori who fought in conflicts in New Zealand and overseas, opened in February 2020 at a cost $14.6 million.

Contact for Project: Stephen Hamilton

Project Location