Hot spring village

Hot Spring Village Destination

Key Service: Destination Masterplan Study
Location: Dabie Mountain, Anhui Province, China
Product: Market Research and Feasibility, Concept Development, Destination Strategy Development
Office: Horwath HTL Shanghai

Scope of Work
Horwath HTL was engaged by the developer to conduct the destination masterplan study for approximately 500 square kilometers around the Dabie Mountain region in Anhui Province. The study included zoning, land development strategy and financial projections for different components of this massive destination, which included recommendations such as hot spring, wellness facilities, various lodging products and food and beverage outlets, as well as all season outdoor programs and activities.

Description of the Outdoor Project
The outdoor project site within this masterplan study stretches across 200 acres with hot spring resources and unobstructed mountain views. Horwath HTL was responsible for the market study, best land-use planning, lodging site selection and recommendations of number, sizing and mix for the lodging products and its supporting facilities.

The challenge of this project was balancing a reasonable development of the local resources and the protection of the ecosystems. In addition, since the nearest provincial capital city is three-hours’ drive away, the focal points and attractiveness of the programs, activities and lodging products are critical to the success of this project to draw demand.

Project Status
The project opened in 2017 with a total investment of RMB 1.5 billion. According to Horwath HTL recommendations, the project adopted a minimum footprint development strategy with themed lodging products of tents and yurts.

Project Location