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Public Offer Documents – Industry Reports

Location: India
Product: Industry Reports for Public Offer Documents
Office: India


Horwath HTL India has been appointed as market specialists by three leading domestic hotel companies seeking Initial Public Offerings (IPO). We also acted as the market specialist for preparing the hotel section of the offer document for the first ever REIT in India.


Horwath HTL drew upon its vast resources and experience to provide a holistic and detailed assessment on the Indian Hospitality Industry. The Industry report forms an integral part of the public offer document relating an IPO. This document is relied upon for accurately briefing investors about the company seeking the IPO and detailing its level of presence in the overall market. This document is verified by the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) prior to public release.

Implementation / Current Status:

Two of the three companies and the REIT are successfully listed on the stock exchange. Third company has received regulatory approvals for floating its IPO.

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