Soho House Rome

Soho House Rome

Key Service: Hotel Valuation
Location: Rome, Italy
Product: Market Valuation
Office: Italy


The owner of the real estate development for tourist-accommodation use turned to a Bank to be financially assisted in the implementation of the Project. The Bank, in turn, in order to be supported in its assessments, requested the support of Horwath HTL and a technical Advisor.


The Private Club opened in October 2021.


Horwath HTL carried out, together with a technical Advisor, an estimate “as is” and “as completed” of a building located near the main university area of Rome that will be transformed in a private club with rooms, apartments, sports areas, a Spa, a cinema, a club lounge and a rooftop. The Valuation carried out was compliant to RICS and ABI standards.

Project Location