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Rugby World Cup

Key Service: Tourism & Leisure
Location: New Zealand
Product: High Level Pre-Event Economic Impact Estimate

Project Overview: Horwath HTL was commissioned to prepare a high level pre-event economic impact estimate to demonstrate the potential incremental expenditure in the Auckland Region and New Zealand which would be attributable to hosting the Rugby World Cup 2011 (RWC).

Scope of Work: Horwath HTL developed estimates of activity levels (numbers of visitors, average length of stay, average daily spend) for team members, international and domestic supporters, and associated media in the Auckland Region.

We developed an indicative tournament schedule for Auckland matches and estimates of average visitor attendance (international and domestic) at RWC matches, estimates of expenditure in the Auckland Region by Rugby NZ 2011, assessed potential displacement of regular visitor activity due to a shortage of commercial visitor accommodation during the final two weekends of RWC.

Consideration of expenditure outflows resulting from Aucklanders purchasing match tickets and travelling to attend matches elsewhere in New Zealand, consideration of retained expenditure associated with reduced overseas travel by Aucklanders due to attendance at RWC matches in New Zealand.

We utilised our economic impact model to identify incremental expenditure for Auckland as a result of the above activity and assess the indicative contribution to GDP.

Horwath summarised the work undertaken and presented the economic impact estimates in a form that could readily be used by the client as part of discussions with key stakeholders.

Project Status: New Zealand won the Rugby World Cup!

Contact for project: Stephen Hamilton

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