Women-Only Wellness Club, United Arab Emirates

Scope of Work: Market Research & Feasibility, Concept Development


Project Overview: The Client, an international company, wanted to explore the business opportunities and feasibility surrounding a women-only integrated wellness center located in an upscale shopping mall in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.


Horwath HTL Solution: Proposed a concept of an urbanized wellness lifestyle center; a one-stop health, wellness and beauty solution for wellness-minded women of Dubai. We recommended multiple outlets in the club, or profit centers within a larger business, including spa, boutique fitness, aesthetic facility, and a healthy food and beverage outlet. We concluded that deploying a wellness community concept would give the wellness center a first mover advantage in the competitive marketplace and differentiate the facility from the existing women-only facilities in the UAE.


Project Status: The project is currently in planning, and is scheduled to open in 2018 or early 2019.