Repositioning of the Vacations Club and dynamization during off season

Office: Horwath HTL France

Project Overview: Belambra Clubs is the leader of holiday clubs in France with 58 clubs distributed in 4 segments, including hotels, residences, Vip clubs. Our objective was to improve business performance by repositioning the brand portfolio and develop new creative products during the off season

Scope of Work: How to reposition the brand “Clubs B” which appeared as downgraded compared to the brand “Clubs Selection”? On which market segments and with which activities can Belambra Clubs improve its business performance during the off season?

Horwath HTL Solution: Defined strategic and operational recommendations to harmonize the global services offered to the guests in Club B and Club Selection resorts. Review and strategic recommendations on the brands presentation for Club B and Club Selection resorts (printed communications and website). Defined an action plan for execution of the off-season marketing and sales strategy, with development new specific products for targeted clienteles.