Hotel van Oranje

Horwath HTL was asked to perform a feasibility study and determine the investment value for Hotel van Oranje in Noordwijk after renovation. The study contains analysis of the market, both supply and demand. Furthermore, the concept is described in detail after renovation. To determine the likely future value of the renovated hotel, a financial analysis was carried out. Historical results were analysed, and the results of the market study were included in the expected results of the hotel in the first five years after renovation. The Horwath HTL Netherlands team is fully licensed to prepare such valuations.

This project was carried out to establish the feasibility of the renovated hotel and to provide an investment value.

Amrâth Hotels Portfolio

Horwath HTL was asked to perform a valuation for Grand Hotel Amrâth in Amsterdam. The order was given by the bank, and it involved a full appraisal of the market value in its current condition. Based on the outcomes of the market analysis and historical results of the hotel, expected results in the coming years were determined, whereby the market value of the property was calculated. The Horwath HTL Netherlands team is fully licensed to prepare such valuations, by both RICS and NRVT.

This project was carried out to determine the current market values of the hotels.

Loretoklooster Simpelveld

Horwath HTL was asked to assess the feasibility of converting a former monastery into a hotel and to carry out a valuation of the real estate. Vitalization is central to this concept, partly because of the surroundings of the monastery, but also because of the concept of the hotel. The hotel will provide treatment rooms and there will be no televisions in the rooms.

Hotel Development IJsselstein

Horwath HTL was asked to determine the market space for a hotel development in the municipality of IJsselstein. Various analysis of the market has been carried out to determine the space in the municipality. The project includes a new public recreation and nature area including a four-star hotel with a minimum of 140 and a maximum of 200 rooms.

Hotel Villa Orselina


The proprietor of this luxury boutique hotel overlooking Lago Maggiore in Ticino intended to re-position the hotel as a Medical Wellness Hotel in order to extend the season or allow for a year-round operation. Horwath HTL was instructed to review the proposed concept including medical centre, spa and treatment areas, and to carry out a Feasibility Study to test the economic sustainability of such a re-positioning.


We undertook an in-depth analysis of the Swiss Medical Wellness sector, thoroughly screened the competitive hotels, target markets and groups as well as market trends. In our study we provided facility recommendations and we listed potential government aids available for health projects. A profit and loss forecast based on the above completed this instruction. Lastly, we were able to procure a new General Manager for the hotel.


The new GM assumed his position in January 2017.

Savoy Hotel Baur en Ville turns Mandarin Oriental Hotel


After three decades in office, the hotel manager went into retirement. The owner Credit Suisse Group AG took this opportunity to plan a comprehensive restructuring of the hotel, so they could position it in the international luxury segment. The property should undergo a substantial refurbishment programme and the operation should be managed by an internationally reputed hotel management company, thereafter. Both measures should serve to notably increase the real estate value. Horwath HTL’s expertise was called upon to help understand and evaluate the consequences of several scenarios.


Horwath HTL Switzerland provided a comprehensive documentation which served as a basis for decision-making. Therein we detailed several possible scenarios, we prepared the relevant financial projections and their expected impact on the real estate value. In a first phase Horwath HTL was able to support the restructuring process by sourcing a new hotel manager who was able to markedly improve the hotel’s performance. Parallel, negotiations with global leading hotel management companies were conducted with regard to the future operation and refurbishment planning. Horwath HTL Switzerland has continually lent their expertise to the negotiation process. Finally, Credit Suisse Group AG has decided to sign a management agreement with Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group.


The contracts were signed in November 2020; the last and final details of refurbishment will be decided on in the very near future. Construction works shall start as soon as building approvals have been received.

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Serviced Apartments Project


One building in prominent location within the Eaux-Vives district of Geneva was offered for acquisition to a Swiss investor. The investor required advice on the feasibility of having this property operated as Serviced Apartments by an affiliated management company.


Horwath HTL was instructed to undertake a Feasibility Study. We have performed an in-depth review of the location and Serviced Apartment market in Geneva, identified opportunities and risks involved with the project and developed recommendations with regard to the planned concept. This concept should finally serve as a matrix for Europe-wide roll-out of the brand.


The project is currently under negotiation.

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Adina Serviced Apartments


In the coming years a former industrial park in the size of 11 hectares in the municipality of Vernier, near Geneva, will be transformed into a new urban district called «Quartier de l’Étang». In addition to more than 1,000 dwelling units, office areas, administrative buildings and a medical centre, there will be three new hotels. Furthermore, a school, pre-school and sports facilities will be realized.


Adina Apartment Hotels was offered the opportunity to rent one of these three new hotel areas. Since the hotel group lacked experience on the Swiss market, the engaged Horwath HTL to support them in the preparation of their business plan and at arriving at a sustainable rent in line with the market. Further to delivering information relevant to the market and industry, we provided in-depth information on the Swiss labour market, the industry’s CBA and salary schedules.


The lease contract was signed; opening is planned for early 2022.