Spain Hotels & Chains Report 2023

By Irene Santos on October 4, 2023


Welcome to the 2023 edition of the Spain Hotels & Chains Report.

With consumer confidence already on track, it has been easier for the hotel market to improve its performance. These factors have been key to keeping the hotel supply stable, as well as increasing the presence of new chains and brands. It has also favoured the emergence of new players in the market that are committed to alternative models that generate profitability and help new brands to expand their presence in Spain.

Key Points

  • Hotel Chains Continue Their Expansion
    Penetration by chains has been increasing as it has every year, although in 2023 in a less dynamic way.
  • The Franchise Model is Gaining Strength
    The franchise model is gaining more importance for operators, representing almost 10% of the total number of chain establishments.
  • New Operating Models
    The multi-brand operator is positioning itself strongly in the market after demonstrating how they can satisfy the needs of all parties involved.
  • Market Leaders Remain the Same
    Unlike the previous year, with the purchase of Apple Leisure Group by Hyatt, this year there are no significant changes in the ranking of hotel chains and brands.
  • Hotel Investment Breaks Records
    In 2022, record figures were obtained in the hotel investment market. Although major investments were made in 2023, the current financial situation does not represent an ideal framework to encourage large transactions.

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