Asia Pacific: Hotel Sustainability Trends 2022

By Robert Hecker on March 11, 2024

Asia Pacific Sustainability Trends 2022

Greenview and Horwath HTL are pleased to present the annual Asia Pacific Sustainability Trends 2022 report, which is published for the seventh consecutive year. This report presents results of the 2022 Horwath HTL Asia Pacific Hotel Industry survey.

For this year’s report, a total of 2,586 hotels across 15 countries participated by contributing information about their uptake in sustainability practices as well as utility data from 2021 calendar year. The data is compared against a 2019 baseline to provide insight into the average changes in energy and water consumption and costs by country and service type pre and post pandemic.

Additionally, sustainability practices undertaken by hotels were also analyzed to understand implementation status at the country level.

Continuous spreading of awareness and scaling of solutions globally will enable further advancement in this region. We are proud to support the industry’s effort to benchmark best practices in sustainability, with the results of this report contributing towards publicly available industry-wide initiatives for hoteliers to understand their properties’ sustainability standing: the Cornell Hotel Sustainability Benchmarking study, Green Lodging Trends Report and Greenview Hotel Footprinting Tool.

We would like to acknowledge and thank the Honorary Advisory Board for the Horwath HTL annual hotel industry surveys and the supporting Country Hotel Associations for their participation and strong support.

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