Island Destination Planning

Scope of Work
Horwath HTL was commissioned to assess tourism potential and the overall feasibility of developing Cat Ba Island into a quality, resort-styled, sustainable destination. We provide a detailed master-plan strategy for the phased development with multiple zones of hotel accommodations, tourism components, retail areas and residences. The developer aims at unlocking tourism growth potential of the Ha Long Bay – Cat Ba archipelago, an extended word heritage area known for unique limestone karst topography.

Description of the Outdoor Project
The main objective is to make the Cat Ba Island regionally competitive, and to have a better outcome than what was previously experienced in the neighboring Ha Long Bay. Some of the proposed recommendations are related to natural encounters and adventure activities as points of differentiations, such as glamping, eco lodges, hiking, biking, camping, cave exploration and mangrove tours. Aside from common commercial developments, the long-term plan involves the conservation and showcasing of the island’s natural elements through animal research/rescue centre, nature education centre and wetland parks.

Project Status
Under development planning

Eco-friendly Jungle Resort

Scope of Work
Horwath HTL was engaged to conduct masterplanning and hotel concept development for a large forest site surrounded by national parks and wildlife sanctuaries in Mondulkiri, the eastern border province of Cambodia. The developer plans to collaborate with the local government in developing and promoting eco-friendly tourism among one of the protected rich biodiversity areas.

Description of the Outdoor Project
To capitalize the pristine natural landscape and the rising trend of outdoor tourism, our recommendations are geared towards outdoor activities as well as sustainable and community-based tourism, based on relevant success stories in the region such as wildlife lodges, tented camps, rainforest resorts and farm stays. The 70-hectare site will be developed in stages with the first phase featuring a 40-key upscale resort positioned as a leader in this upcoming destination. Resort facilities and activities are incorporated with natural surroundings and local cultural education.

The project is envisaged to be another pioneer in the upcountry part of Cambodia, following the debuts of the renowned Shinta Mani Wild and Zannier Phum Baitong, both of which embrace environmental and cultural conservation efforts.

Project Status
Under development planning

Hot Spring Village Destination

Scope of Work
Horwath HTL was engaged by the developer to conduct the destination masterplan study for approximately 500 square kilometers around the Dabie Mountain region in Anhui Province. The study included zoning, land development strategy and financial projections for different components of this massive destination, which included recommendations such as hot spring, wellness facilities, various lodging products and food and beverage outlets, as well as all season outdoor programs and activities.

Description of the Outdoor Project
The outdoor project site within this masterplan study stretches across 200 acres with hot spring resources and unobstructed mountain views. Horwath HTL was responsible for the market study, best land-use planning, lodging site selection and recommendations of number, sizing and mix for the lodging products and its supporting facilities.

The challenge of this project was balancing a reasonable development of the local resources and the protection of the ecosystems. In addition, since the nearest provincial capital city is three-hours’ drive away, the focal points and attractiveness of the programs, activities and lodging products are critical to the success of this project to draw demand.

Project Status
The project opened in 2017 with a total investment of RMB 1.5 billion. According to Horwath HTL recommendations, the project adopted a minimum footprint development strategy with themed lodging products of tents and yurts.

Sydney Airport Hotel Acquisition Due Diligence

We prepared an independent review and assessment of the operational aspects of the hotel; together with a review and assessment of the prevailing hotel management agreement (HMA) with the hotel operator, and a review and assessment of the capital expenditure (CAPEX) status and potential requirements into the immediate future.  The written report was intended for internal information as part of the acquisition review process.

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Hotel Market Financial Benchmarking Study

The client requested an assessment of the operating financial Pro-forma for hotels under management in specific class sectors, with an emphasis on benchmarking to comparable national operators. Much of the focus was on Undistributed Operating Expenses.  Moreover, the objective of the assignment was to assess systems charges and to understand how operators are using centralised services and clustering to improve operating efficiencies.

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Technical Services for Hotel Development Project

We were invited to complement the Client’s appointed project team, to support the development planning process and the operator’s technical services team. We performed an intermediary role between all project parties, aimed to underpin the veracity of the design development process.

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Asset Management Services 500-room Dual-branded Hotel

We provided ongoing asset management services to foster close working relationships between the Owner and Operator’s management teams, to maximize the performance of the asset in its initial year of operations, and to set up ongoing profitability of the subject property.
Services included, i.e. management contract compliance, operational assessment, monthly operating performance report, quarterly owner meetings, strategic asset management plan, review of annual marketing plans and budgets, financial performance analysis, competitive analysis, sales and marketing effectiveness, asset protection plans, capital expenditure planning and implementation, risk assessment/mitigation.

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Hotel Asset Management

Hotel Market Outlooks

Our quarterly Hotel Market Outlook reports are detailed analyses of Tourism Regions, Sub-Markets and specific competitive markets.  Each report is based on an econometric model that produces a forecast of the overall trend in demand and room revenue growth.  The analysis is based on historical performance trends, the current status of performance and the supply pipeline. This forecast report concludes with an annual and quarterly hotel market outlook for occupancy rate, ADR and RevPAR over the next five years.

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Hot Springs and Spa Resort Market Study

The client required hospitality consulting services related to a proposed development to be located proximate to the Twelve Apostles in the Great Ocean Road region. The development is planned to include five distinct zones – natural hot springs, food and beverage, accommodation, wellness centre, entertainment zone and visitor centre. The client required independent research and trading projections for the resort accommodation components of the precinct.

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Hotel Portfolio Management Strategy

The owner and operator of the largest portfolio of hotels in Papua New Guinea required an independent assessment of the merits to migrate from being a self-managed, local brand into a portfolio of hotels under a global flag, through a management agreement or under a franchise agreement.
We prepared an initial Opportunity Information Document, undertook an Operator/Franchisor contact and liaison process, prepared a Business Case summary document to present the client with the opportunity and associated analysis for further internal decision-making. We then moved to a commercial terms negotiations process with the intent to conclude with a Term Sheet ready to be formalised by the client’s legal advisor into a Hotel Management Agreement or Franchise Services Agreement.

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Global Resort and Spa Operator, Thailand


The client – one of the largest mixed-use hospitality group – was looking to acquire an established lifestyle resort and spa brand and engaged Horwath HTL Health & Wellness to perform a due diligence study and analyze the commercial value of the brand’s spa portfolio. As part of the assignment, Horwath HTL Health & Wellness was appointed to evaluate corporate branding and positioning, analyze the status quo of operating properties, assess the potential of pipeline projects, and review historical and forecasted financial performance of the property portfolio.


Horwath HTL Health & Wellness carried out a corporate brand analysis, reviewing the overall size of the business, competitive landscape, pipeline, and outlook to ensure brand alignment with its vision and market perception. As part of the property-level analysis, Horwath HTL Health & Wellness reviewed each operating facility and pipeline project in terms of their location, positioning, facilities, guest offering, key operating and profitability metrics, and commercial terms of management agreements, outlining possible challenges and growth potential. Additionally, Horwath HTL Health & Wellness made strategic recommendations on corporate restructuring of the brand’s sister company, taking into account its business model, key services, organizational structure, and profitability.


The due diligence study was completed in 2018 and the acquisition was executed in early 2019.

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