What is shaping the future of the Hospitality Industry?

By Irene Santos on April 1, 2021

Industry Report The Future of Hospitality

There is something that we can all agree upon and this is the vast and unforeseen impact the COVID-19 sanitary crisis has had on all our lives.

The hospitality, travel and tourism sectors have been hit hard but we can’t ignore the impact on society. Consumer behaviour and eventually consumer spending have been, and will continue to be altered and business plans need to adapt to these new circumstances.

In this latest report from Horwath HTL Spain, we take a closer look at how hospitality companies will need to realign their businesses to deal with the current needs and desires of the market and offer some suggestions which we consider will be fundamental for hotel developers and investors to bear in mind when planning new hotel projects.

We consider whether these changes will be permanent or just temporary. Whatever the final outcome, those businesses willing to consider alternative scenarios and re-consider their planning strategies will be better prepared for the “New Future”.

Irene Santos

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