Germany Tourism Trends & Relevant Markets 2023

By Prof. Dr. Christian Buer on October 11, 2023

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Horwath HTL’s latest trend study – in collaboration with the Heilbronn University of Applied Science – focuses on current trend drivers shaping the tourism sector, including the digitalisation of services, the personalisation of travel experiences and the rise of sustainable tourism.

The tourism industry is facing a dynamic environment influenced by a variety of factors: rapid globalisation, a high degree of digitalisation, changing travel habits of a fast-growing population and greater environmental awareness in times of climate change are among the key influencing factors that are continuously changing the tourism industry.

These changes are forcing the tourism sector to evolve and adapt its offerings.

High producer and energy prices, fears of recession and political unrest, as well as the Russia-Ukraine war, mean that the number of overnight stays and the mobility of travellers are currently only slowly returning to the years before the Corona pandemic, and people’s ambitions are still characterised by a general reluctance to invest and risk behaviour.

By approaching these trends and markets from the perspective of the market leader in tourism consulting, Horwath HTL Germany is not only able to analyse current developments but also gain insights into possible future scenarios. This makes it possible for investors and operators to take informed decisions in order to adjust to the challenges of this ever-changing sector.

You can read the full report in German here.

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