US Lodging Market Update: Sept 2021

By Hua Rong on November 1, 2021

MR US Lodging Market Sept 2021

The U.S. Lodging demand in September was 95% of the average weekly demand in 2019. Notably, September’s market mix showed the Group mix at 27% of total demand, where previous months in 2021 were within the band of 14-20%.

Not only was the group demand in September much higher than in other months, but also transient demand was much lower. In the data provided, we observed that the Group segment in September contributed 14.9 occupancy points compared to the previous peak of only 11.5 points in July.

The Transient segment peaked at 49.5 points in July but fell to 38.1 points in September.

Are we witnessing a turning of the tide or an anomaly?

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