US Lodging Market Update: May 2021

By Hua Rong on June 28, 2021

MR US Lodging Market May

There were promising signs of recovery in the most recent edition of the Horwath HTL Atlanta US Lodging Market Overview.

  •  US Lodging Demand in May reached 22.6 million room nights, and continued the most recent upward trend which started in November 2020.
  • Of the top 5 performing markets, only three markets had positive RevPAR growth, which were Miami (30.1%), Tampa (9.4%), and Northfolk/Virginia Beach (1.8%).
  •  The upper-priced chain scales continue to see the most significant declines in Rooms Sold compared to 2019 levels, in contrast to the lower-priced chain scales which are saw very modest increases in the number of rooms sold.
  • Airport hotels are seeing the highest monthly occupancy relative to other market-types and had been leading in previous issues of the report as well.
  • The most recent figure for the TSA Total Traveler Throughput was 1.8 million, which represented a 264% increase of the same day in 2020. Although, it is worth noting that this number of 705 thousand travelers, is below the same point in 2019. Still, the figures have been growing weekly and show a very promising trajectory.
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