Poland Hotel Market Report

By Dariusz Futoma on September 14, 2023

Poland Hotel Market 2023

Horwath HTL Poland is pleased to announce the release of its highly anticipated report, “Hotel Market Report: Poland.” This comprehensive report offers a detailed analysis of the Polish hotel market and provides valuable insights into the evolving trends shaping the country’s tourism industry.

Key Findings from the report:

  • 64% of Poles choose to stay in Poland for their main holiday in 2023: The report highlights a significant shift in travel preferences, with 64 percent of Polish residents opting to spend their main holiday within the country’s borders. This indicates a substantial increase in domestic tourism, showcasing Poland as a preferred destination for locals.
  • Domestic tourism surges in popularity: The growing appeal of domestic tourism is a standout feature of the Polish hotel market in 2023. As Poles explore the beauty and diversity of their own country, the hospitality industry experiences a surge in demand from local travelers.
  • Poland emerges as a rapidly developing tourism market: Over recent years, Poland has witnessed a remarkable rise in popularity as a holiday destination, positioning itself as one of the fastest-developing markets in Europe. This positive trend has culminated in Warsaw’s well-deserved victory in the prestigious ‘Best Destinations’ competition for the European Union, further cementing Poland’s status as a must-visit location.
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