Planning is Everything; the Plan is Nothing.

By Philip Bacon MRICS, FCA on February 2, 2021

Industry Report Planning is Everything

Industry Report: Planning is Everything; the Plan is Nothing.

This quotation is usually attributed to former US President Dwight Eisenhower. He meant it in a military context. When the wolves at the door are soldiers (or even heavily-armed and bizarrely-dressed “Republicans”), your plan may have to change rapidly and radically, but you must have one, and you must be clear about where your plan is taking you. This means strategy.

Strategy and planning provide the link between the current and the future direction of a business.

Strategy isn’t vision or mission.

A vision without a strategy is a dream.

A mission without a strategy is a hope.

Philip Bacon, from Horwath HTL Spain shares his latest viewpoint which originally appeared as part of the HospitalityNet World Panel series here.

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