New Zealand Hotels & Chains Report 2023

By Wim Ruepert on July 5, 2023

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The Horwath HTL New Zealand Hotels & Chains Report 2023 has been released!

Drawing on data from New Zealand’s accommodation programmes (ADP and HDNZ), as well as from STR and our database, Horwath HTL presents this overview of 662 New Zealand accommodation properties, including hotels, serviced apartments, lodges and other boutique accommodation comprising almost 42,000 guest rooms. The most comprehensive data set reporting on the country’s occupancies and Average Daily Rates (ADR) is from Hotel Data New Zealand (HDNZ), which includes circa 24,874 rooms across 214 of the country’s major hotels and serviced apartments, or 61% of the room supply within its category.

  • Historically, international travellers contributed circa 50% of New Zealand’s total hotel room nights.
  • The most recent tourism statistics show that international visitor arrivals have recovered to circa 72% of pre-Covid levels, driven by a 93% recovery of those visiting friends and family.
  • So far, recovery of those visiting for holiday and business purposes has been slower at 59% and 62%, respectively.
  • Moreover, the total national hotel room supply has increased by around 15% since June 2019.  This indicates continuing strong domestic hotel demand.
  • Circa 82% of the new room supply since 2019 is branded, with IHG, Wyndham Hotels & Resorts and Sudima Hotels being the top three chains in room additions.
  • Despite the increase in room supply, workforce shortages have resulted in many hotels having to cap occupancies during the recovery period.
  • Combined with a buoyant pricing strategy of the new hotels, this has resulted in an ADR growth never before seen in New Zealand.
  • Occupancy levels for Lodge and Boutique accommodation, reported by the Accommodation Data Programme (ADP) for the period January–May 2023, was 57%,  reflecting the partial recovery of international visitor arrivals, which traditionally contribute the vast majority of the occupancy of this accommodation category.
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