Industry Report: Coworking – how hotels can add value

By Horwath HTL on November 28, 2019

I.Report Co Working Added Value

Everyone’s talking about ‘coworking’

It could be one of the greatest inventions of the 21st century and it has shown an incredible performance and growth over last 10 years.
Coworking businesses are now thriving and being introduced into other industries. New players are entering the market and at the same time, more and more synergies are being recognized between coworking and hospitality.

How we combine our private and work lives has changed. Highly driven by developments in digitalisation, mobility and globalization, job roles are changing, becoming redundant and being newly created. A computer and network access seem to be all that is required for an employee to work. Companies are moving away from long lasting rental contracts and property investments. By offering flexible work spaces, businesses are responding to the increasing relevance of the “new work” style: agility, better work-life balance, and the sharing economy.

However, most often it seems like mostly hotels are taking advantage from the coworking concept. Looking at the history, style and stereotypical customers of coworking models, hotels can actually add relevant value to the coworking market.

This report covers the current situation and gives insights and examples of the possibilities for both industries, when working together.

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