India Hotel Review 2015

By Vijay Thacker on February 22, 2016

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The colours of the Indian flag truly symbolise 2015 for the hotel industry. The year started with the bright orange sense of expectation, moved to the stark white reality of under achievement, and ends with the belief of a green future somewhere – sometime, hopefully very close. The truth yet lies in the central chakra in which the industry is made to and allowed to rotate – day to day, year to year, at micro and macro levels. When will we earnestly be able to break this cycle of oft-repeated problems, errors and challenges?

The global economy is in a state of uncertainty. The Indian economy has sectors of concern, particularly the health of its banks and declining exports. These factors, individually or collectively, may cause some unforeseen impact on business in general and thereby the hotel industry. In such times, one could reap beneficial value from cross border Tourism Goodwill provided this has been created and nurtured. We need to collectively work towards such long lasting Tourism Goodwill.

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