The Rise of Brands: 2018 Chains and Hotels Report

The Rise of Brands: 2018 Chains and Hotels Report

Date: November 19, 2018

Horwath HTL, the global leader in hospitality consulting, announced the launch of the 2018 European Chains and Hotels report.

The report, in its second edition, looks at the relationship between Chain and Branded hotels and the rest of the hotel industry.

The report focuses on 12 key markets and the performance of Chain hotels and hotel bedrooms, both domestic and international Brands versus the market as a whole. The data shows the growth of Chain hotels and the different market segments they cover, looks at how these hotels and companies are expanding and adding new Brands.

This edition contains year on year growth data for all the key indices as well as charts for all the top groups and their brands on a county by country basis.

The report is available for download for free from

James Chappell, Global Business Director of Horwath HTL said “This report is fascinating for many reasons, especially at a moment of such high merger and acquisition activity in the industry. Europe as a whole is far less saturated with branded hotels than you might expect, particularly compared to the United States. As the model for expansion and development in the industry evolves, we can look at where these brands are landing, what success they are having in each market and whether markets are producing local competitors to the international giants. The key takeaway from this report is that there is still a huge amount of potential growth.”