Horwath HTL Join Online Hospitality Event

Horwath HTL Join Online Hospitality Event

Date: March 25, 2020

Horwath HTL announced today that they will be joining the Hospitality Tomorrow (www.hospitalitytomorrow.com) online conference scheduled to be held on the 7th of April. The conference is free to attend.

As the coronavirus has caused the postponement or cancellation of many events across Europe, America and Asia, Jonathan Worsley of Bench Events has decided to host a one-day event held entirely online.

Jonathan Worsley said “It is crucial that we rebuild confidence in the global community. Now is the time to start the conversation – make those critical connections that you need to build the right understanding, relationships, unity and actionable ways to support one another now for a stronger response – as one industry, one community.”

Horwath HTL will host ‘The Horwath HTL Round Table – Crisis management tips from around the world’

James Chappell Global Business Director, Horwath HTL

In discussion with:

Asia Pacific
Robert Hecker Managing Director, Horwath HTL

Zoran Bacic Managing Director, Horwath HTL

Sinisa Topalovic Managing Director, Horwath HTL

Spain and Portugal
Philip Bacon Managing Director, Horwath HTL

France and West Africa
Philippe Doizelet Managing Director, Horwath HTL

John Fareed Chair, Horwath HTL

Brazil and Argentina
Osvaldo Chudnobsky Managing Director, Horwath HTL