Date: 30th Sep 2021 - 1st Oct 2021

Location: Westin, Bangkok, Thailand


As always, SEAHIS will offer a fresh look at the topics challenging hotel sector investors and those which offer new opportunities for the coming years, all discussed by top-level speakers chosen for their knowledge of the relevant issue, rather than purely on sponsorship dollars.

Topics we currently plan to cover in SEAHIS 2020 include:

• The brands bite back – why might a global brand still be a vital tool in an owner’s armoury?
• The rise of white label operators – an unstoppable trend?
• Brands and OTAs as allies – what does it mean for owners?
• Latest trends in HMAs – can new owners protect themselves?
• Overbuilding – who is to blame – banks, developers or the brands?
• If STR is worth 50% more than Six Senses, is building and running hotels now a marginal business?
• Consolidation – has to run its course or is there more to come?
• The impending economic downturn – how can owners best protect their bottom lines?