Marie Claire Dushimumukiza

About Marie Claire Dushimumukiza


Senior Consultant, Product Development & Training Manager




KN 14 Av. 45 Kimihurura
P.O. Box 283
Kigali, Rwanda


+250 788 636 663


Marie Claire Dushimumukiza is a seasoned eco-tourism and conservation expert with over 18 years’ experience. She is coordinating Horwath HTL activities under MasterCard Foundation / Hanga Ahazaza project. Marie Claire worked as Director of Academic Programs and Research Development at Kitabi College of Conservation, Tourism and Environmental Management (KCCEM) currently IPRC Kitabi. At Rwanda Development Board in the Tourism and Conservation Department she held several positions including Strategic Market Specialist in Tourism Marketing. As a Technical Advisor of Nyungwe Culture Village Cooperative (NCVC) adjacent to Nyungwe National Park, Marie Claire supports a community tourism based initiative originated from the recommendations of her master thesis. Marie Claire is also an advisory board member of Resonate, a non-profit social enterprise based in Rwanda that provides opportunity to unlock leadership potentials of women and girls in East Africa.

Marie Claire completed her Master’s studies in Tourism Destination Management at NHTV Breda University of Applied Sciences and her Bachelor’s studies in Business Administration (BBA) at School of Finance and Banking (SFB) Rwanda. Her professional career was dedicated to eco-tourism, conservation, natural resources Management as well as TVET training. She has extensive working experience in Competence Based tailor- made short courses training and she coordinated a NUFFIC project NICHE/RWA/025 project ‘Strengthening KCCEM to build the capacity of conservation professionals in the Albertine Rift Region’ which was implemented by KCCEM in partnership with CDI Wageningen, SAWC South Africa and Ecole de Faune de Garoua.

She is an expert in the destination development, product development, destination management, destination branding, marketing and promotion. She also has knowledge related to biodiversity conservation, protected areas management and natural resources management. She conducted her tourism research in Rwanda, Brisbane, Sydney, Bangkok, Bali and Singapore.

Related tasks
Principal consultant of Occupational analysis and Competence standards for TVET curriculum Diploma in Tourism Destination Management level 6 RTQF, commissioned by GIZ HA project, June 2019.
Coordinator of the development, review and validation of the curriculum for Diploma in Wildlife Tourism and the implementation for the course of Hospitality Management (Culinary Arts, Housekeeping and Food & Beverage) at certificate level held at Kitabi in 2014.
Coordinator of the design and deliver of Competence Based tailor- made short courses training sponsored by Rwanda Development Board and for tourism associations’ members from 2014-2017:
o Tour Guiding and interpretations skills for Religious tourism guides, Community Based Tourism guides, Bird watching guides, Tea tourism guides, Cultural tourism guides and service providers
o Tourism entrepreneurship for religious tourism and Community Based Tourism guides
o Tourism Business Development for handcraft makers and performance artists