Irina Markarova

About Irina Markarova


Market Research Analyst




3 Spring Street
Sydney, NSW 2000


+61 2 9135 2975


Irina Markarova is the Market Research Analyst for the Team of Horwath HTL based in Sydney. Her role encompasses monitoring all reported activity related to the hospitality industry in Australia, such as new hotel projects and refurbishments, hotels’ rebranding, listed for sale hotel properties and reported transactions and hand surveyed performance. In addition, Irina focuses on the New Zealand’s hotel market research and data collection.

In addition to the research experience, Irina also has background in business management from her roles held in Strategic Management and Sales and Marketing in hospitality businesses in Russia.

Irina holds her Master’s Degree in “Hotel and Resort Management” from the Blue Mountains International Hotel Management School (Sydney, Australia) and Master’s Degree in “Business Management” from Volgograd State Socio-Pedagogical University (Volgograd, Russia).