Franklin Carpenter

About Franklin Carpenter






Madrid. P.º de la Castellana, 216, (Torre Realia) 22ª Planta. 28046 Madrid


+34 634 60 37 46


Seasoned professional with 21 years of experience in training, academic management, project management, strategic consulting for destinations and technical assistance for tourism SME’s.

Focused on sustainability and tourism designed together with local communities as a distinctive element for competitiveness, quality and authenticity of the experience. Promoter of agile methodologies adapting the ways of working to the needs of each project and client.

His work experience includes key positions in several tourism, education and consulting organizations, as well as boards and strategic committees for tourism development.


Client & Industry Focus:

  • Design and adaptation of sustainable and SMART tourism development plans.
  • Digital Marketing Strategies for destinations.
  • Design and implementation of sales and marketing systems.
  • Strategic design and definition of destination experiences
  • Guidance in digitalization processes for destinations and companies.