Italy Hotels & Chains Report 2022

By Zoran Bačić on April 29, 2022


Horwath HTL Italy is pleased to release the Italy Hotels & Chains Report 2022.

The industry-established reference for the Italian hotel branded supply is now in its 9th edition.

This year’s census highlights the first consequences of the Pandemic on the Italian hotel chain supply in terms of room inventory, including existing properties and in the pipeline, and preferred business models.

The supply trends observed in the previous years have therefore been accelerated, supporting the consolidation of the hospitality landscape in Italy and, as a result, strengthening the international competitiveness of the Italian Hotel Supply.

The report presents updated hotel chains rankings, and key highlights include:

  • The total hotel room stock (still the first in Europe) has decreased, consequently there was an increase in the penetration rate of international hotel chains;
  • International brands have gained market over domestic brands, reaching a total of 645 hotels (+26 properties), versus a decrease to 1,191 properties (-15 hotels) for domestic chains;
  • 8 new hotel brands have entered the market, driven by international operators;
  • Sun & Beach destinations, still dominated by domestic brands, have seen their international brand supply increase. This trend is confirmed to be pursued in the upcoming years;
  • By the end of 2024, additional 21,450 branded rooms are expected to open, with almost 50% of them in the Upscale tier. Leases still confirm their prevalence over other hotel business models, while the “owner-operator” model has recorded a sharp decline in the pipeline compared to last year’s census.
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