Industry Report: Spa Profitability Handbook

By Ingo Schweder on January 20, 2020


Horwath HTL reveal the how make your Spa profitable

With the rise of wellness travel globally, spas are chartered for continuous future growth and marketability. In today’s hospitality market environment, spas are no longer seen as a “nice-to-have” complementary facility but are established as a core element of the guest experience that not only drives demand but matures as an untapped source of profits.

Whether a spa is a cost or a revenue centre depends largely on how it is integrated into hotel marketing and whether it is actively managed to drive profitable performance. For a spa to achieve its potential as a tangible asset, operators have to be committed to marketing and integrating spa models into the core business, actively growing revenue drivers and keeping costs under control.

In this report, Horwath HTL Health & Wellness discuss what physical and operational attributes affect spa profitability and outlines effective strategies for achieving a stronger bottom-line performance in the long run.

The report includes the major questions:

What drives the bottom line?
How is profitability assessed?
How to improve Revenue?
How to control expenses?

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