US Lodging Market Update: April 2021

By Hua Rong on June 4, 2021


The US Lodging Market Update for April 2021 is now released by Horwath HTL Atlanta.

  • April RevPAR carried forward the growth trend and marked that 86% of the demand over the same period in 2019 had been recovered.
  • The most promising data was that the Group segment increased as a portion of the market mix and contributed more to occupancy across all sizes, regions, and types than since Covid-19’s impact was at its worst.
  • Most notably, the Tampa, FL market’s RevPAR compared to April 2019 was only down by 6.9%, likely from the tail-end of spring break and the loosened restrictions in Florida.
  • As of May 21, Total traveler throughput was up 422% over the same point in 2019, meaning that more flights are available and people are becoming more comfortable with air travel again.
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