Paul Breslin’s views on Marriott Hotels’ Direct Discounts Program

By Paul Breslin on September 20, 2016

Paul Breslin, Managing Director of Horwath HTL Atlanta, USA, was interviewed by Richard D’Ambrosio of Travel Market Report for his latest article: Assessing Marriott Hotels’ Direct Discounts Program Six Months Later.

Paul Breslin, managing director, Horwath HTL Atlanta, called the Expedia partnership “a good strategy for Marriott” and “a strategic move by Expedia”.
“Look for more connection on common ground with the power players,” Breslin said. “Expedia is too smart to just be a disruptor or tolerate a diminishing market share. The major hoteliers know the importance of intermediaries and the relationships they have with the [consumer]. So the natural tension will continue, but in the end all will continue to work together.”

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