Market Report: United States Lodging Trends

By Michael Cummings MAI, ISHC on February 9, 2018


Drawing on our diverse experience and research capabilities, Horwath HTL publishes a variety of studies that assist in analyzing today’s dynamic hotel and tourism markets. Published on an annual basis, these studies survey the overall financial and operational performance for hotel markets in key countries around the world.

Michael P. Cummings and John Fareed, Managing Directors of Horwath HTL in New York NY, Norfolk VA, and Orlando FL, have written the 2018 Issue of our latest US Hotel Review.

After the turmoil years in 2008-2009, operating fundamentals have stabilized with normalized supply growth and increasing demand. Fareed and Cummings overview for 2017 highlights the latest market performance for the United States covering supply and demand, occupancy rates, average daily rates and revenue per available room.

Mike Cummings

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Michael Cummings MAI, ISHC