Industry Report: Italy – Construction and Renovation Costs in Hospitality

By Zoran Bačić on January 15, 2020

Industry Report ITALY Construction Renovation Costs

With this latest report from Horwath HTL Italy, we shed light on the world of CapEx in Italian Hospitality. The report covers in detail the cost of building, converting and renovating hotels and resorts in Italy. With data collected from over 50 projects over the last five years, the report represents five thousand hotel rooms, worth a collective half a billion Euros. 

The data shows that Italy is a very peculiar market for CapEx planning, due to a large number of hotels located in historic buildings.  These developments, often in the luxury sector, need a delicate approach to renovation and will usually cost more than greenfield sites. Find out the CapEx associated with the major categories and type of buildings here.

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