Greece: Travel Sentiment Survey

By Xenophon Petropoulos on July 10, 2020

Greece Travel Sentiment Survey

Hotels and destinations need to overcome the initial shock of the Covid-19 pandemic and it’s repercussions, and quickly understand the new environment within which they will need to operate. An environment with almost zero bookings, a crashed demand, increased operational costs, health & safety protocols and procedures, closed borders, different sentiments amongst people, different needs and a shortened season that will most probably become less that 80 days and mostly domestic-oriented.

July will be probably be the most important month for the Greek 2020 season. Those who choose to visit, will almost immediately start communicating their experience. Friends, relatives, co-workers will start asking if the destinations are trustworthy. Horwath HTL Greece surveyed 1,000 people, from 12 markets, with regards to how they felt towards travelling in the current climate.


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