European Chains & Hotels Report 2018

By James Chappell on November 1, 2018


A very warm welcome to the second edition of our European Chains Report, which looks at the development of branded and chain hotels across the key markets.

The data shows that the number and ratio of branded hotels is increasing in almost all of the markets we reported on, through a variety of different business models. The overall share of chain hotels versus independent is increasing, even in markets that can be considered very mature.

In the compilation of the data, we asked our offices to not just rely on available local data, but to create our own databases from scratch. We were then able to make a sanity check with reputable data providers like Eurostat which, although a few years old, have comprehensive numbers on hotels, restaurants, hostels, pensions and all the rest.

We then dug deeper into each market to get an understanding of the players and what size and scope they have. We looked at overall ranking by size in each country, by overall group (hotels and rooms) and by brand.

We uncovered many fascinating facts about these markets, and we hope that they will add to your understanding of the key drivers affecting this key Industry.

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