Tourism Business Clusters Training

Program Client: African Development Bank

Year: October 2020 – October 2021

Project Overview:

The objective of this assignment is to build the skills capacity within the tourism businesses. Specifically, the consultancy conducted an analysis of the training needs within the selected 5 tourism business sub-sectors; identify training/ skills gaps that can be addressed through short term training, mentoring and/or coaching to ensure that the selected clusters have the right skills set to enhance their effectiveness in the creation of jobs; build a pool of tourism training consultants and develop and deliver capacity building program for 5 tourism sub-sectors based on the recommendations of the training needs assessment.

Scope of Work:

  • Conduct training needs assessment and recommend interventions that will address the business development sector issues;
  • Identify needs of the clusters, including methods based on the recommendations of the training needs assessment;
  • Develop a comprehensive trainer’s manual to be used to build the capacity of trainers;
  • Hold stakeholder workshop (s) to validate the reports (training needs assessment and capacity building program);
  • Develop training materials and tools to be used by trainers and businesses, respectively;
  • Develop training content and training plan for 5 sub-sectors (accommodation, tour operation, event organizers. Tour guides and Crafters).
  • Conduct training of private sector from the selected 5 Tourism Clusters;