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The Pink Lake Urban Project

Key Service: Tourism & Leisure
Location: Dakar Region, Senegal
Product: Project Development & Management Assistance
Office: France & Ivory Coast

Project development and management assistance for the development of the Pink Lake Urban Project.

Horwath HTL, in partnership with Egis engineering group, was mandated by the Senegalese Government to provide technical assistance for the development of the Pink Lake urban and tourist project (new town planning to host 300,000 inhabitants by 2030).

The concept was designed to assist the Senegalese Government in developing a new urban destination (7,000 hectares), based on a high standard of living, in harmony with nature and the exceptional surrounding landscape.

Situated on the edge of the ocean, 40 km from the capital of the Dakar, the Pink Lake is currently a rural tourist destination, partly dedicated to artisan salt production and market gardening. This beautiful, arid and fragile landscape was beginning to be urbanized in an unplanned way, putting the unique ecosystem at risk. The Senegalese government decided to implement a Master plan for the development of the Pink Lake destination, which will become a district of the Dakar metropolis by 2030. The new city is projected to contain over 300,000 inhabitants.

This project is meant to become a national example of urban operation, allowing tourism, services, agriculture, residential and other urban functions in a well-preserved environment.

Based on market research in the tourism and residential sectors, Horwath HTL has programmed and studied the economic feasibility of building touristic, residential and leisure infrastructures in harmony with the area and its traditional economic activities. The components include, besides a residential programme, several hotels, a Golf resort, a spa resort, an equestrian pole, an aqua park, landscaped public spaces and facilities, an interpretation centre, an animal park, and other leisure and lifestyle-related facilities.

Servicing works and operator selection will be carried out during 2018

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