Niche in the Outdoor Hospitality Sector, with Todd Wynne-Parry

Niche in the Outdoor Hospitality Sector, with Todd Wynne-Parry

Date: February 1, 2023

On this episode of Destination on the Left, Nicole Mahoney, from ‘Break the Ice‘, talks with Todd Wynne-Parry, and does a deep dive into the developing outdoor hospitality sector. In their conversation, Todd walks through the attributes and appeal of nature-based locations and offers solutions to some of the industry’s roadblocks and challenges.

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Todd Wynne-Parry brings a wealth of global senior leadership knowledge and insight developed over more than 20 years of reporting directly to CEOs and Boards in industries that range from luxury, lifestyle, and outdoor hospitality to investing, consulting, and financial analysis.

As a CGO, EVP, SVP, and Executive Committee member, he has helmed major expansion, post-merger integration, and growth initiatives for the world’s premier hospitality brands, including, AutoCamp, Two Roads Hospitality (formerly Commune Hotels & Resorts), Global Acquisitions and Development, InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG), and Starwood Hotels and Resorts.

Specializing in brand expansions and M&A in Asia, the Middle East, and the Americas, Todd has closed deals and developed contracts that generated upwards of $30 million in enterprise value annually and built relationships with key decision-makers across a wide range of global and regional, and city markets globally.

What You Will Learn in this Episode:

  • How Todd found his niche in the outdoor hospitality sector
  • How the outdoor hospitality sector has evolved
  • Features of a great outdoor hospitality location and how to curate a fantastic guest experience
  • Todd gives us a framework for brands interested in adding outdoor hospitality experiences
  • How marketers should be thinking about outdoor experiences within the broader travel and tourism offering
  • Some fantastic examples of successful outdoor ventures that are leading the way for the future of outdoor hospitality

Growth of the Outdoor Hospitality Sector

Outdoor hospitality is a wide-ranging sector that can be divided into two main categories: the lower end of the price point, such as RV parks, and the higher end ultra-luxe options. Although where guests are staying is only part of the experience. The most important thing is to be immersed in nature in a way that allows them to take a bridging step out of their comfort zone.

Incorporating Outdoor Experiences

The outdoor hospitality sector can also benefit land in unexpected ways, such as being an additional source of income for wineries and farms. Wineries can use outdoor experiences to add a new business line and boost profits, while farms can use events on their land to support regenerative farming.

Todd shares an example of a farm in Kentucky called Martin Acres, owned by an ex-slave’s descendants and is part of the Kentucky bourbon trail. The farm is now in its fourth generation and is exploring ways to incorporate outdoor hospitality to host family reunions and generate income.

Enhancing Well-being

Being outside in nature is an important aspect of enhancing our well-being. Todd discusses why the sector’s evolution allows people to escape the city and connect with nature, their partners, or their families. Instagram-worthy shots are also a great way to increase the destination’s visibility on social media.

However, there are some speed bumps to consider, such as labor and workforce issues and environmental concerns on the road to developing as an outdoor destination. Todd shares some ways brands can overcome these challenges on the podcast.