Nature Eco-Resort Belgium

Nature Eco-Resort Belgium

Date: March 6, 2020

YOUR NATURE Eco-Resort in Belgium

Everything you need to know about surveying a site’s potential.

Magali Marco, Director of Health and Wellness at Horwath HTL France, has written a dual-language (French and English) Business Case for on the main lessons that can be learnt when setting up an Eco-Resort.

Antoing, Belgium: 280 hectares of lakes and forests in preserved natural surroundings. This is the setting in which the YOUR NATURE eco-resort will open to the public in Autumn 2020 offering an exclusive holiday and leisure experience. With a resolutely premium positioning and 100% environmentally friendly approach with regard to both building construction and operation , the resort, which anticipates welcoming 200,000 visitors annually, will provide accommodation, restaurants, shops and a selection of recreational activities (farm, horse riding centre), treetop adventure course, cycling, water sports, golf, archery, swimming pools). All that’s missing is a Spa to complete this offering and further delight the visitors!

Yes, but where should the Spa be located in order to optimise its visibility and customer visit frequency? What is the offering that will attract both the site’s varied clientele and off-site visitors? What revenue and costs are to be expected from this wellness activity? What is the spa design that will best convey image AND ensure profitability? These were the important challenges faced by the YOUR NATURE team and the reason why they sought full and comprehensive support for the validation of the Spa’s positioning and potential. It was with a great deal of enthusiasm that I shared my experience in this sector and provided a detailed survey for insight and perspective on this project. Exclusively for Sense of WELLNESS, I can reveal the main lessons to be gleaned from this business case.’

Download the report here