Thierry Coltier


Managing Partner




6 Rue Dunois,
Paris 75013, France


+33 1 42 17 43 61


Creator of the France Miniature Park, Thierry was the Marketing and Development Director for Groupe Musée Grévin, for seven years. He created and then headed Grévin Development for 8 years, a subsidiary of Grévin and Company, dedicated to recreational and leisure projects. In early 2006, he joined the office of Horwath HTL Paris as Managing Partner.

Thierry is a recognized specialist in leisure and cultural facilities. He has led numerous advice and assistance missions more specifically on marketing, economic and set-up aspects of projects. He conducted tourism, recreational and cultural projects in France and abroad.

Thierry is one of the few experts who combines a comprehensive knowledge of the industry, and has experience as an operator/manager of several leisure parks.