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About Mario Biritognolo


Associate consultant - Technical Expert




Via Flaminia 21, 2nd Floor
Rome 00196, Italy


+39 06 6839 5091


Mario Biritognolo, graduated with honors in Civil Engineering, is qualified to practice as an Engineer, enrolled in the Order of Engineers of the Province of Rome, from March 23, 1981, No. 11920, to the Register of Judicial Consultants at the Civil Court of Rome and in the Bankruptcy Section, on the Register of Experts at the Criminal Court of Rome, and on the Register of Experts of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs - General Directorate for Development Cooperation. Since 1980 he has worked professionally on countless projects of architectural, structural and plant design, providing totally integrated engineering and architecture services, which include all phases, from the creation of the new structure or from the analysis of the existing to the complete assistance during the execution phase and at the test. For many years, coordinating within the BCD Progetti S.r.l. a team of specialized professionals, deals with the redevelopment of buildings starting from the study of urban and sector feasibility, continuing with the various hypotheses of distribution and functional layout and with the evaluation of transformation costs and arriving at the executive planning and management processing work. Most part of the transformation of buildings, made in the last years have had hotels as finale destination, so the Mr. Biritognolo Engineering Consulting has reach a large experience in the designing of hotels. The Consulting is able to realize masterplan, architectural projects, interior design and supply technical advising in ideation of new concepts and hotel format, integrating and coordinating the specific competencies, from designing to structural dimensioning, to the plans and systems to the interior decoration.