Majlind Lazimi 1

About Majlind Lazimi


Managing Director




Ibrahim Rugova Street,
Green Park Complex,
5th Floor, Entrance No. 1,
Apart. No. 13,
Tirana, Albania


+35 568 406 9495


In December 2021, Majlind Lazimi was appointed Managing Director of Horwath HTL Albania.

Majlind is an experienced C-level executive, senior economic adviser and management consultant with a solid 12+ years experience in complex project management, corporate management, public administration in the political and business sphere. Majlind's expertise also includes integral economic investment appraisal and project finance related to tourism, energy and infrastructure projects.

Previously, Majlind served as the President of the Republic of Albania's economic adviser and as the CEO of Albanian Post for three years. Majlind also served as Deputy Minister of European Integration, Chief of Cabinet for two successive Ministers of Economy, Energy and Trade. During his term in METE, Majlind presided over the TAP project's host government agreement (HGA) and international government agreement (IGA) discussions on behalf of the Albanian government with the TAP AG, which was Albania's largest infrastructure investment project.

Majlind has both a 'High-Honor' Bachelor’s and Masters of Science degree in Banking and Finance from Eastern Mediterranean University. Also, he has few executive education certifications, such as that of Investment Appraisal and Risk Management from John Deutsch Institute at Queen`s University in Canada and 'Energy Diplomacy' from Diplomatic Academy of Vienna.

Majlind is native Albanian speaker and is fluent in English, Italian and Turkish.