Frank Mustaff

About Frank Mustaff


Managing Director




KN 14 Av. 45 Kimihurura
P.O. Box 283
Kigali, Rwanda


+250 786 724 424


Area of speciality: Tourism & Hotel Consulting

Frank Mustaff has more than 30 years of management and consulting experience. He is specialized in tourism development and tourism planning, tourism marketing, investment promotion, export marketing and sales activities in various sectors. International Project & Strategic Management and the Leading of international teams in the field of development form also part of his area of expertise. Frank Mustaff has successfully managed numerous projects in Europe and in developing economies. He has been working in more than 25 countries all over the world, in particular in developing countries (ACP).

Since 2005 he has been leading the German office of Horwath HTL. Horwath HTL is widely recognized as the pre-eminent consulting specialist in the hotel, tourism and leisure industries. The Horwath HTL network comprises of over 50 offices in 40 countries and provides solutions through a combination of international experience and expert local knowledge. Horwath HTL was founded in 1915 in New York City and is the oldest and largest hotel and tourism consultancy practice in the world.

Frank Mustaff has successful working experience in more than 15 African countries. During the last 10 years he has been conducting multiple assignments in East Africa. In 2016 he has set up and registered Horwath HTL Interconsult Ltd. in Kigali, Rwanda. This office is part of the Horwath HTL International consultancy group. With 50 offices worldwide Horwath HTL is a leading Hotel & Tourism consultancy and the Rwandan office will cover East and Central Africa.