Adeline Louison

About Adeline Louison




Canada – Montréal

Canada – Toronto


485 McGill Street
Suite #1020
Montréal, Québec
H2Y 2H4



Ms. Louison’s areas of expertise include:

  • Market and feasibility studies for hotels and tourism developments
  • Tourism product management
  • Revenue management
  • Online commercialization
  • Operations management

Ms. Louison is responsible for the compilation and interpretation of industry information and market research data pertinent to various market studies within the tourism and hotel industry.
Since 2010, Ms. Louison has held various positions within the hotel and tourism industries in France and Canada, including tourism supply production, online distribution and marketing management, revenue management, coordination of hotel and tourism operations, as well as market studies.
She has a good understanding of the tourism cycle and all the related issues, from product development to its final sale to the customer, all of which allows her to have analytical capacity with regards to the global marketplace.
As Ms. Louison has worked for independent and affiliated hotels, she is also able to provide the essential tools for successful commercialization of hotels according to their profile. She is further able to elaborate a pricing and marketing strategy adapted to their needs.