Wellness Resort, Costa Rica

Scope of Work: Market Research & Feasibility, Concept Development


Project Overview: A beachfront land plot in a well-established ecotourism market in southern Costa Rica. The owner of the land engaged Horwath HTL Health and Wellness to explore the feasibility and viability of developing a luxury wellness resort on the site.


Horwath HTL Solution: Explored two solutions, including 1) developing and owning all of the public spaces and accommodation units and 2) developing and owning all of the public spaces and selling the accommodation units to third-parties who in turn lease the units back to the resort and the operator for overnight rental. To attract guests to this “virgin” area of Costa Rica, we recommended a “soft” wellness concept, which would appeal to both secondary and primary wellness consumers and general luxury adventure seekers.


Project Status: The project is currently in planning and the open date has not been scheduled yet.